12 Week Weight Loss Journey | Tips and Tricks

Watch this if you can’t lose the weight. This is my weight gain / weight loss journey. How you can finally lose the weight.

Hi folks!

Years of failure was washed away and success was finally introduced when I followed these steps. That is the ONLY thing that changed this time versus the 5 years of insanity (going through the same motions and expecting different result.)

In order to achieve something you’ve never had, you must do something you have never done. Get outside of your comfort zone and RAISE YOUR STANDARDS of achievement. Develop your reason for WHY you want it, set small achievable goals to get there, have fun along the way, enjoy the process, seek progress not perfection, and the world is yours for the taking.

Who do you want to be?
Fit your mental image.


1) What is your Why?
– What’s Pulling You??? Find your strongest motivation to continue on!
2) Set Small Goals.
– Take it one step at a time, don’t try to go up the two story staircase in one jump.
3) Trust the Process
– You gotta believe and know if you stay consistent, you will find success.
4) Not a Diet but a Lifestyle Change.
– Massive habitual changes and adjustments provide lasting results.
5) No Black and White Thinking.
– This is NOT short term. Have room for fun. Don’t seek perfection. You must live your life and return your long term HABITS time after time.

*The theories suggested in this video are strictly based on my experience with them, therefore do not increase physical activity or adjust your diet without first consulting your doctor.

**BIG thanks to my good friend Liam for helping me film and edit a large amount of this video.

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  • I’m 15 was 260 now I’m 228 I started in February but a word for advice that may work for other people I do reverse diet and eat a lot because of how active I am throughout the day

  • My why : I've been ashamed of what I turned into! I started my weight loss journey on November 24th 2020 with a weight of 95.5 kgs. Now I'm 67.5 and so happy. The key to my success was changing my eating habits. Now my goal is to maintain this throughout my life. My advice to anyone who is starting his/her journey is just take one step at a time and you'll see results. Cheers!

  • I was having a pizza with my friend when he said he was on a diet and pizza is his regular cheat meal and part of diet plan he got from Agoge Diet. I thought he was crazy, but after a month I noticed his body has changed a lot. He looked better than ever. I should really visit that website

  • After spending hours on the treadmill, it never made sense to spend an hour on the treadmill to eat 2 cookies.

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  • This video is wonderful! It helps me recall of the time when my sister used Okibetonic Secrets to lose 16 lbs and enjoy being healthy again! Most of us would like to lose fat, but we also require to remain nutritious, and that is exactly what Okibetonic Secrets gifted.

  • Did you try to eat low carb or did you solely focus on a calorie deficit?

  • My why: I don’t want to weigh more than my mom


  • Tip: do strength training before cardio

  • I love this man, he’s speaking facts

  • My why: cuz i want to be the best version of myself, i want to be confident and be able to be better to people around me. constantly being self-conscious and depressed doesn't get u far with both with yourself and social settings. I want to be able to do this while still being relatively young as well. And of course, just being healthy!

  • Me why: I am tired of people judging me because of my body.. I am tired of feeling uncomfortable in my own skin..

  • My why: I want to play with my four young children endlessly and be there for them and to see my grand children 🙂

  • 1:46 bro the difference is insane, if u can do it i can also do it

  • To everyone out there who don't know WHY they want to lose weight…..
    Lose weight so that you can remove your shirt whenever you want to and don't feel ashamed of your body

  • I remember watching this of February 2020 and I was 320 pounds at just 15 years old and decided it was Time to change, I did cardio, weights, and had hell week for football and I ended up losing 105 pounds, It hurt like fucking hell, puking everywhere, becoming sore but everything was worth it

  • You gave some really good down to earth advice. Thanks.
    How is your journey going now?

  • Bro I just want to be happy again

  • I come back to this video every so often and I can still remember what I was exactly doing and how I was feeling in this exact moment … I was 320 lbs and my back was a complete wreck . I watched this video 1,0000 times and every time I watched it it sparked something in me ! I never get tired of watching this video ! It’s crazy that a year ago I seen this video at 320 and I was like ok 1 more try and now I just watched it again at 208 lbs and Jackson came to my house to meet me ! I will always come back to this video to take me back to that very first moment . That very first spark ⚡️! Keep grinding everyone

  • Thank you…I believe in myself

  • That didnt happen in 3 months

  • Thank you Jackson! Raza 🙂

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  • How effective is Okibetonic Secrets? We've noticed numerous amazing things about this popular weight loss method.

  • My why: obtain 24 inch pythons like the Hulkster, brother.

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    Tha mere dost ne bata yaar mere mama ji ak doctor h mane unse baat ki or unhe dada ji ke liye kuch nutriasn use karne ke liye kha aaj unka weight me sudar haaya h Thanks bro
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  • I got inspired by you and lost around 27 kgs in 6 months thank you

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