14 Tips to Lose Belly Fat Effortlessly

These are 14 tips that’ll help you lose weight and reduce your belly fat fast without crazy strict diets. It’s important to reduce visceral fat because not only is it unattractive, but it’s also very unhealthy. Most people force themselves to follow a strict diet, but those rarely work. Instead, just by following some basic principles, you’ll be able to burn that belly fat as you reduce your overall body fat percentage lower and lower. 

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Our bodies are wired to store fat around our Center of mass which happens to be the belly love handles and hips. And there’s a very good reason for this. Storing pounds fat on more distal areas like your hands and your feet would require a lot more energy to carry around and to do the things that we need to do on a daily basis to survive. And this defeats the whole biological purpose of storing fat, to begin with, which is essentially your body trying to stock up on energy in the form of body fat in case of a future famine where there’s a shortage of food or in other words a shortage of energy. In sports like wrestling and judo, we can see that our center of mass gives us the leverage we need to carry heavy weight loads without expending a ton of energy. Your body already naturally knows this so that’s why one of the first areas to gain fat when you overeat is your belly. Unfortunately, even though your body is wired to view this as very efficient not only in the stomach area the last spot that most people want to gain fat but it’s also very unhealthy to carry large amounts of fat around your midsection. Now even though your body is quick to store fat around your stomach it’s very hesitant to let it go and will usually be one of the last spots that it pulls fat from. So you need to reduce your overall body fat percentage low enough for your body to burn the fat everwhere else before it starts pulling energy from the fat stored around your midsection. This is done mostly through diet so a lot of times many people follow a strict diet which becomes more and more difficult the longer you try to stick to it. So today I want to give you guys 15 quick guidelines that you can use to start burning body fat and belly fat as soon as possible without having to torture yourself in the process.
And the very first extremely effective thing that you can do is limit the number of high sugar foods that you eat. Sugar doesn’t only taste good at the moment but it makes you crave more sugar in the future. When you habitually eat things like cookies ice cream and cake you actually wind up decreasing the sensitivity of your palate which makes natural healthy sources of sugar like fruit taste much less sweet and satisfying. There are also studies that show a direct link between having a high sugar intake and having higher levels of abdominal fat. This is due to the fact that Sugar spikes insulin which is a fat-storage hormone and it also decreases insulin sensitivity. So this doesn’t mean that you can never have any sweets you can reward yourself with something like ice cream at the end of the week but it shouldn’t be a staple part of your diet throughout the week. Instead, you should do your best to stick to fruit to satisfy your sugar Cravings.
Next, when you go shopping you’re going to want to stick to the outside perimeter of the grocery store and avoid the inner aisles. So this includes your produce department Seafood meat eggs and some dairy. This is because the inner aisles are usually where you’ll find all the processed food that ends up raising your insulin levels to increase your daily calorie count and of course contributing to the storage of belly fat. However other than high-sugar cereals chips and cookies, there are some things in the inner aisles like rice quinoa and nuts that can actually fill up your stomach and help you reduce body fat.
So when you do go into the inner aisles you want to follow the next tip which is to pick mostly single-ingredient Foods. These are foods that have a low-calorie density which means that for the amount of space that they take up in your stomach the only add a relatively low amount of calories to your daily total. A perfect example of this is comparing Oreos to something like broccoli. Just one Oreo will have 40 calories mostly in the form of sugar. For the same many calories you can fill your stomach with whole cup broccoli. Now on top of that single-ingredient foods require more calories to digest. The Oreo will quickly and easily be broken down into simple sugar without much effort meanwhile the broccoli…



  • High intensity workouts as well is swimming and sex

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    Now he is saying 0.8 grams per pound…….
    So. What I should do to lose weight? I am obese and working out.

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  • Awesome tips and videos. You lay the groundwork for a healthier change of living. Thanks.

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    Me watching this at 3am: interesting

  • 0.8 x KILOS in weight. Not lbs. This is a fairly important detail ! People will be trying to eat over 100 grams of protein a day !

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  • I just want a meal plan, Tell me what to eat and when to eat it… I just want to lose weight and be healthy…. I have tried a lot and no time for the gym… I quit smoking, Drinking, Stopped soda and now drink water, OJ(maybe a cup or 2 a week) and about 25-30 oz of Grapefruit juice a week. Love Grapefruit but kills your teeth.

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  • Iced coffees from coffee shops are full of corn syrup. If you really want one, ask the waitress for one using just espresso coffee and low fat milk and ice. It's the same, it's just not so sweet

  • 6:45 watch out for things like Froot Loops and Cocoa Puffs as an example for carbs, or at least healthy carbs. Lots of sugar there, which yes it's carbs too but it's shitty carbs.

  • What is effortless about giving up foods that make you feel fed and replacing it with nasty slimy vegetables that taste bad? I think you’re confusing easy with simple.

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  • All i eat is a small amount of porridge in the morning, no lunch then steamed veges and salmon for dinner every day. 6ft 3in tall 105kg 64yo male don't have snacks or sugar in coffee or on anything else, still no weight loss. I don't drink bear but enjoy a red wine, maybe 3 or 4 standard glasses a day, and yeah reading this you probably think it's really double that, well maybe rarely as I'm dealing with the public every day and cant afford to compromise that. Just bought a bicycle and ride when I can. At 40yo I had abb's and not sure what happened, a fitness trainer told me my Testosterone levels have probably dropped which contributes to weight around the belly. anyway I'm trying.

  • Losing weight is 15% gym. 80% diet. 5% mentally. Eg sleep and stress.

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