2021 HOW I LOST 80+ LBS!! // My weight loss journey from a size 18 to 8 + TIPS

HOW I STOPPED OVEREATING: https://youtu.be/1Ne3jHV2Wq8
HOW I LOST 5LBS IN 1 WEEK: https://youtu.be/1DOVDECRSss

Hi everyone! In this video I detail my weight loss journey up until now and open up about how I stay motivated. I’m sorry this video took so long to come, but better late than never right? Please feel free to comment any questions and video requests!

Amazon Store Link: https://www.amazon.com/shop/makaylamashelle

My current weight: 179
Height: 5’7

@13:17 – more specific food/diet information
@22:00 – Tips (even though tips are randomly spread out in the video as well)

Screenshots included in this video are from the myfitnesspal app and the Fitbit app.

Instagram: @MaKaylaMaShelle
Business email: MaKaylaMaShelle@outlook.com

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  • Why does this say this was a year ago

  • The first 3-4 minutes of this was nearly unbearable.. get to the point we all have lives too

  • I found this video very useful, thank you for sharing.

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  • When I was dating a guy, he always keep going out to eat and I try to make excuses not to go out a lot.

  • Yesss ! The motivation tips video is needed

  • this video was really helpful! the advice you give is so damn practical you make my goals seem so feasible! i can do this! we can do this! thank you for sharing!

  • This is the realest video I’ve ever watched on weight loss. Thank you for being you and so inspiring!

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  • This is the most realistic account of a weight loss journey that I’ve ever seen on this app. The mental health part is so important

  • I’m 15 was 260 now I’m 226 just had a cheat meal but it’s going back down soon. Trying to get to 200

  • Ur voice is quite loud but I love ur story n it's very inspiring ❤

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