Best Kids Immunity Vitamins (Immune Support)

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As you head into the cold and flu season, you want to arm your kids with everything you can to boost their immunity so they stay healthy and happy. These 9 natural supplements are the BEST kids immunity vitamins out there! Formulated by pediatricians, with added vitamins and nutrients that are proven to support the immune system, they will help keep your kids in tip top health!

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The dreaded cold and flu season is my least favorite time of the year! For the longest time I suffered through each season, experiencing all the signs and symptoms of the dreaded cold. Then, when my kids came along, they brought home loads of new germs!

There would be weeks at a time when our entire family was hunkered down unable to go to work or school all because of the dreaded cold and flu season, especially during the winter months!

Who wants to suffer when there are things you can do to boost your immunity for yourself and your children? I started to do some research to find the best natural remedies to improve our health and keep the germs at bay!

One simple thing you can do is have your child take a daily multivitamin that supports immune health. Not all vitamins are created equal! You want the highest quality, healthiest children’s vitamins, not ones that are full of added sugar, and fillers.

This curated selection of immunity boosting vitamins for kids will give them that little extra edge to keep the germs away, and help you and your family stay healthy throughout the year and into the cold and flu season!

Top 9 BEST Kids Immunity Vitamins

Hiya Multivitamins

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Hiya vitamins are a chewable multivitamin made with pure natural ingredients, yet still taste great! Developed by two dads, who wanted to give their children a better vitamin, these multivitamins are sugar free and includes a powerful blend of 15 essential vitamins and minerals that are derived from whole foods. They are great for a picky eater, since they also include 12 organic fruits and vegetables and can compliment your child’s diet by filling any nutritional gaps. It’s great for young children and older children – you can use it starting at their 2nd year of age through mid-teens.

Made with Fruits and Veggies – all the good stuff kiddos need

Natural Organic Ingredients

Naturally Sweetened with Monk Fruit

Vegan, Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free

Contains the methylated form of B vitamins (highly absorbable)

Easy to integrate into your child’s daily routine

Contains close to 100% daily value for most essential vitamins

Can’t Buy In Stores, only available on Hiya’s website

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Raise Them Well Immunity

Children's Immunity Chewables

This vitamin is specifically made for immunity boosting power! It includes the essential vitamins and minerals that are known to help support a healthy immune system including vitamins C, D3, K2, and zinc. Keep in mind, this isn’t a comprehensive set of kids vitamins – only the vitamins necessary for boosting immune function.

Designed for children ages 4 and up

Ingredients known to help boost natural defenses against illness

Not a full children multivitamin (only includes the vitamins to support children’s immune systems)

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Llama Naturals with Elderberry

Llama Naturals Elderberry Immunity vitamins container.

A chewable immunity vitamin that’s made from real fruit, with no added sugar or sweeteners. Packed with organic elderberry extract, organic Vitamin C (from Acerola Cherries), plant-based zinc chelate, and organic beta glucan (from reishi mushrooms).

No Added Sugar, Syrups, or Sweeteners

No Artificial Ingredients

Free of Common Allergens (Soy, Eggs, Peanuts, Tree Nuts, Dairy, Shellfish)

Must Buy on Llama Naturals

Gummy Vitamins (but no gelatin)

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Olly Kids Immunity

Olly kids immunity vitamins bottle.

A gummy immune support supplement for kids with elderberry, zinc, & vitamin C. This vitamin is more on par with other typical gummy vitamins, and does include added sugar, and is not organic.

Added betaglucans that help promote immune support

Elderberry for immune support

Acerola Cherry that’s known to high in Vitamin C

ZInc helps keep immune cells functions

Widely available in stores and online

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Wellvites Immunity

Wellvites Bottle of vitamins.

Wellvites are a vitamin C gummy that come in a soft chewable, and flavorful form. They are free of added sugar, and are naturally vegan.

Only contains Vitamin C (no other immune support vitamins)

Serving Size is 2 (60 gummies per bottle)

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Mary Ruth’s Immunity

These vitamin C gummies are formulated to help with the absorption of iron, another nutrient essential to immunity. As well as promote heart health. A natural and organic vitamin that is also vegan, and easy to chew!

125 mg Vitamin C per gummy

Promotes Collagen Production

Only contains Vitamin C (no other vitamins included)

Not specifically formulated for kids (can be used for adults too)

Includes Added Sugar (organic vegan cane sugar)

Appropriate for ages 2 and older (not for infants)

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Gaia Kids Black Elderberry Syrup

Gai black elderberry syrup bottle.

A great-tasting Black Elderberry syrup formulated specially for kids to provide seasonal or daily immune support.  The berries and flowers of elderberry are packed with antioxidants and vitamins that may boost your immune system. They could help tame inflammation, lessen stress, and help protect your heart, too. Some experts recommend elderberry to help prevent and ease cold and flu symptoms.

No Artificial Sweeteners or Corn Syrup

Only contains Black Elderberry Syrup (no Vitamin C)

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What vitamins and minerals support a child’s immune system?

  • Vitamin C: Vitamin C may help prevent infections or shorten their stay. Daily intake of vitamin C is essential for good health because your body doesn’t produce it on it’s own.
  • Vitamin A: Vitamin A is an infection-fighter. It helps to fight bacterial, parasitic, and viral infections.
  • Vitamin B6: Vital to supporting biochemical reactions in the immune system it is responsible for producing white blood cells and T cells, which regulate immune responses. It also helps the body make the protein interleukin-2 to direct white blood cell activity.
  • Vitamin D: One of the most important nutrients for supporting the immune system is a fat soluble nutrient that improves the white cells that defend the immune system, and decrease inflammation.
  • Zinc: Zinc is needed for the production of new immune system cells. It’s found primarily in animal foods but can be also found in some vegetarian food like.
  • Vitamin E: vitamin E can be a powerful antioxidant that helps your body fight off infection. This important vitamin — part of nearly 200 biochemical reactions in your body — is critical in how your immune system functions.
  • Iron: Iron, which helps your body carry oxygen to cells, plays a part in many of the immune system processes.

How can I boost my child’s immune system naturally?

The best way to ensure your child’s immune system is ready to fight infection, it to be sure to feed them a healthy balanced diet rich in vitamins and nutrients.

  • Lots of Fruits, Vegetables and Nutrients: Make sure to serve your child a healthy diet with fruits and vegetables at every meal. Think of feeding them the rainbow to ensure they are getting a variety of the nutrients they need. Pairing fruits and veggies with whole grains and lean protein will help support a strong immune system as well!
  • Plenty of Sleep: Your child needs more sleep than you do! Help improve their sleep habits and ensure they’re getting enough sleep by putting them to bed at the same time each night, and creating a relaxing evening routine to wind down from the busy day.
  • Exercise: Get your bodies moving with your kids. Research shows that exercise increases the number of natural killer cells!
  • Frequent Hand Washing: This may seem obvious, but it is often taken for granted. Make sure your child washes their hands often and thoroughly. There is no substitute for good hygiene!

Does vitamin C really work to fight the common cold?

When you feel the first signs of the common cold, you may reach for vitamin C in the form of orange juice, citrus fruit, or supplements. But do vitamin C supplements really work to help fight the common cold?

There has been a great deal of research done around vitamin C. However, the studies done have shown inconsistent results. A 2007 study looked at 60 years of clinical research, examining those that took 200 mg of vitamin C a day. The research showed that when taken after a cold already starts, vitamin C has no impact on the length or severity of the cold. However, when taken daily, vitamin C has a marginal effect on the length of the common cold, shortening the duration of 8% of adults, and 14% of children.

This means as an adult you may suffer with the common cold for 11 days out of 12, if you take vitamin C daily, and for children this means you would have the cold for 24 days compared to 28 if you take vitamin C daily.

However, other studies show that there is a more significant impact. Either way, taking vitamin C is not harmful if used in the correct dosage. It is an essential nutrient your body needs for multiple functions, and can have a moderate effect on the length of your cold and flu symptoms.

Does my child also need a multivitamin?

If you choose to give your child a daily dose of vitamin C, or one of the immunity fighting vitamins, you may want to consider giving your child an additional multivitamin to support their cognitive, and physical growth.

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