Day 1: Elevate – The 40 Day Kundalini Yoga Weight Loss Challenge w/ Mariya

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Welcome to Day 1 of the Kundalini Yoga Weight Loss Challenge with Mariya Gancheva! Today’s practice will tap into the deep layers of your subconscious where unhealthy patterns reside. It will elevate your energy levels and leave you feeling clear-headed and confident. For more online Kundalini Yoga, visit: http://www.kundalinilounge.com


-~-~~-~~~-~~-~- The 40 Day Kundalini Yoga Weight Loss Challenge w/ Mariya// This is a unique program that will not only help you lose the unwanted weight but it will do so much more for you…While its main focus is in restoring the health in your body, it also helps balance the hormones, the glands, and also cleanses the mind. You will feel alive and energised after each practice. Each day you will practice yoga at home, and each day will be different kundalini yoga kriya, with different intensity. Each day you will massage different organs of your body so that they can recharge and release the toxins. This series is good for yoga for beginners as well as advanced practitioners. And the best part is that the kundalini yoga sets have been reduced to 20min a day so you can practice no matter how busy your schedule is, and no matter where you are.

The 40 Day Kundalini Yoga Weight Loss Challenge w/ Mariya has helped thousands of people around the world to conquer stress, to lose weight, to fight diabetes and to master their digestion. So if you feel like you need to transform and reboot, this is your chance to join a global vibrant community.

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  • Sat Nam, this is Mariya.Before you begin, SIGN UP to the program for daily emails here: https://bit.ly/2JLetjr
    I want to congratulate you on taking this step to transform your body and mind. This program has helped so many people in all aspects of their lives, so take it seriously and practice to the best of your abilities. Most importantly, enjoy yourself. You will balance not only your weight but also your entire body, your metabolism and digestion as well as calm the mind and get rid of stress. It works miracles despite the short duration of the kriyas.
    Hope you enjoy this journey. Don't forget to share your experiences and if in doubt always ask your questions. I will respond as soon as I can.
    May the long time sun shines upon you
    All love surrounds you
    And the pure light within you
    Guide your way on!

  • Here goes 8th time around for me! Sat nam.

  • Feeling great after my first class! Thank you Mariya for making this awesome class accessible to everyone! ☀️

  • Is there any way to stop the commercials in the middle of the video??? 🙁 Really kills the vibe…

  • Good practice but couldn't hear a lot over the music

  • I love the practice and the music!

  • As a beginner I couldn't do poses properly because I'm too stiff.

  • What time of the day do I begin

  • What is the name of this Day 1 kriya? Thank you for your service!

  • Hi Mariya, if i am unable to do the poses on first day properly, should i still go for the new ones on the second day and continue the 40 day routine, or should i work on improving on my each days postures. Also, during periods i am totally not functional, due to severe cramps, in that case i will not be able to maintain the 40 day schedule, should i leave it for those days and continue from where i left off after 4/5 days?Will that work? Thanks

  • I've done a few of these, I like the the yoga, however it's sometimes hard to hear the instructions due to the volume level of the music.

  • Mariya can you kindly advise the title and singer of the HAR version you played please? Thank you!

  • This is great, I wore wireless headphones which helps to hear he directions clearly 🙂

  • Started today I will update every 10 days. Happy I found you during this time of changes

  • I always come to this video when I'm not feeling well or I am hurting somewhere in my body. It always helps with pain and energy. thank you!!!

  • Started all over again 4 this time..

  • Good morning Mariya, I am a beginner and signed up yesterday. Thanks for your videos. Do we need to exhale through nose or mouth ? Can you please explain it in detail.

  • I want to love this and participate in this video series but Mariya, you are so hard to hear over the music!

  • Здравей Мария, днес попаднах на канала ти и направих тази практика. Изключително много ми хареса, но ми беше малко. Въпросът ми е мога ли да сливам по 2-3 дни от тази програма?Практикувам йога от години, имало е месеци с по 2 ч.дневно. Но съм на периоди. Тези дни отново почувствах нужда да започна. Радвам се, че попаднах на теб!Пожелавам много здраве и успехи! Поздрави, Десислава

  • Thank you, Mariya for such a lovely calming Kundalini experience. I enjoyed the flow 🙂

  • Love your calm voice too. Absolutely love the music ‘Har, Har…’ Is the music available on music platforms.

  • Hi Maria… Today started the 3rd round of this amazing set…
    I don't know how many times I will go on repeating this.
    Gratitude. …

  • Thank you. For me this short versions are cool-time wise but I also find them stressful, I am just used to it…and then we are already at the next pose

  • Thank you so very much. You have such a beautiful and calm energy, it has made me feel so relaxed. Sat Nam!

  • Thank you for this greatly energizing short set. I am looking forward to continuing on. Others have commented about the music being too loud, but I just turn the volume down a bit and it is just fine. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  • Sat Nam, I just completed day 1. Absolutely amazing I feel so energised.

  • Is this suitable for complete beginners?

  • repeating this series <3

  • I'm not able to stretch to touch my toes. Is it ok?

  • Is it normal to feel a bit nauseous while doing this? Also, throughout the 40 day challenge (I just signed up) will it help to unleash the kundilini energy?

  • At first I thought the music was drowning and the instructions were hard to understand but just persevering and being with the practice allowed me to feel a strong sensation throughout my spine and an energizing of the body. Thanks so much Mariya and I will definitely subscribe.

  • Day 1 done. Starting this 40 day practice very contracted with low energy and a lot of painful body tension. Will keep you posted in days to come.

  • Day #1 – so happy with how easy and activating to is. Thank you

  • So proud I could do a Cobra with my protruding disks in the lower spine and having had a week of sciatica. This is a great practice.

  • wow!super accessible kundalini!great time frame,easily fitted into real life,which anything more than 40 mins isn't for me. Looking forward to the next 39!

  • Hey. I love kundalini yoga and this was recommended to me. But I can't stand overpowering music especially when it goes on and off`. Is there a version without music ?

  • I have never done Kundalilni yoga before.I really enjoyed my Day1 today.Thank you for giving me a chance to go through this.
    I felt dizzy when I had to inhale on the left and exhale on the right. Thank you.

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