Diet plan to lose weight |Weight loss diet for breastfeeding mothers |Diet for breastfeeding mothers

In this video I am sharing a diet plan for lactating mothers which will help them in maintaining a good health and at the same time which will help in weight reduction as well.

**How to lose belly fat after delivery-https://youtu.be/eKDZ5TC1Mcs
**Best belly fat loss drink-https://youtu.be/1LkdGd-wGtY
**how to lose weight after delivery-https://youtu.be/YRdZVV_5vJM

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Namaste mom’s welcome to my channel.This channel is created for those people who are stepping into the beautiful world of parenthood,or are planning to embrace this journey.In this channel i share my personal experiences related to mother care,baby care ,parenting and all the things that helped me making my life better. All the content available on this channel is based on my own knowledge and experience of being a mother.I am not a medical expert and you must consult your doctor before following any of the remedies suggested in this channel.You can contact me by sending an email to namastemoms1706@gmail.

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  • Hello mam, I'm nurse. I can see this is very scientific diet, really good for breastfeeding mother, moms won't get hungry and also will loose excess weight gradually. This diet will also help to get good nourishment for the babies. Thank you very much. One request, can you pls give some nonveg options too? I am non vegetarian. And is there anything to replace gond laddoo? Your reply will be very helpful for me. Thanks again.

  • Itna khane k bad vet loss nhi ho skta

  • I subscribe and you got 1k woo-hoo so happy

  • Ma'am 10000 steps se kitna benefit hoga

  • Can't we eat rice sometimes?

  • Any idea kitne time me weight loss ho skta h mam agr is diet ko follow kre

  • Good diet plan…nicely explained

  • Breakfast mein can we include idli dosa etc

  • For a month , How many kgs we will lose in dis diet ???

  • I would very useful diet plan for every mom out there great tips

  • Came back to watch again. I loved your diet plan.

  • Poha plus apple is a superb combination. And fruits plus almonds rock.

  • Very Beautifully Explained.. Loved your video ❤️❤️

  • Very helpful diet plan for all and you explained it very well

  • Thnx definitely sharing with all my preggars mom.

  • This would be helpful for everyone. Also you explained it so nicely.

  • Very helpful for new moms.. Your diet plan is quite easy. Thanks for sharing.

  • Panjiri ladoo? I am hearing it for the first time dear. Did u know more about it?

  • Very nice tips for diet…Thanks for sharing with us

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