Hey Ndlovu Gang 🙂
Happy #VlogMonday​ 🙂 In this week’s vlog, we finally get to hear why my wife is on this fitness, health, and spiritual journey. I wasn’t feeling so great so I didn’t vlog much instead I recorded a lot of what she got up to.

Trainer: Alyssa Conley
Instagram: @a.c_speedstar

The book: https://www.hazelden.org/HAZ_MEDIA/2545_GiftsofImperfection.pdf

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  • Steph is a spectacular person. Love, light and all the best to you Steph on your journey. ❤

  • This was wholesome loved it, thank you.❤

  • I'm currently struggling with my mental health and I just don't know how to go about it. It just feels like I don't know where to start from to fix it or how I can go about it. What is the first step ??

  • Thanks for this video guys.❤️
    What type of camera do you guys use for these vlogs?

  • On Friday I watched the vlog you guys posted on 10 May 2021 and since Friday I had the urge to comment. Today when I saw this one, Steph basically said (preached) EVERYTHING I wanted to say, but here it goes nonetheless.
    I said before that I love the spontaneous authenticity of this channel. Authenticity is about being real and being real is the good and bad, the pretty and ugly, the ups and downs. We don't often see authenticity on public platforms because in order to show our authentic self we have to show ALL of who we are and this is a vulnerable process. Steph I love that you are reading Brene Brown, because she says in one of her TED Talks that "vulnerability is the most accurate measure of courage" and this is what I have continued to see on your channel.
    I always have this talk with friends and colleagues: "I truly pray that we will be able to see more people who have a huge following and public platforms, be more authentic regarding their journey to becoming. On your journey towards any goal you will 'fail 99% of the time, yet celebs continue to show us the 1% where the goal was reached. We need more people of influence to show us the 99%" so that those who are starting out their fitness journey or starting to chase their dreams can see there will be BATTLES of many kinds, there will be periods of doubts and confusion, and that it's okay to feel overwhelmed, isolated and uncomfortable. It's even okay to find smart ways to buy time with your fitness couch so you can just breath for a few more seconds because it feels like all your organs are dying inside lol.
    Majority of the celeb fitness videos seems so easy. I gave up many times because why am I dying and they don't even sweat.
    Today I see that prayer being answered through this channel.
    Thank you for showing us the 99%, the dreams we sometimes have that, just when it seems like everything is working out, God says "Nope I'm taking this from you, you just needed the lessons I'm redirecting your path" and it feels like you have to start all over again. You guys are showing us that all of that is not only okay but necessary because there is a bigger purpose EVEN when you cannot yet see what that purpose is. The Ndlovu's take us with them on their journey of faith.
    I love that you are reading Brene Brown, her work is one of the reasons why I too chose Social Research as a career, when you are done with that book, get ahold of the one I'm currently reading titled "Rising Strong" in it she says, "if we are brave enough, often enough, we will fall." Thank you for showing us the fall.
    Lastly, right at the beginning of the book, almost as a dedication she says (which in essence is what I want to say to the you Hungani and Steph), "To the brave and brokenhearted who have taught us how to rise after a fall. Your courage is contagious."

  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Steph you looking so good .Thank you for sharing you have just motivated me ❤

  • "Nonetheless" as Hungani would say

  • like serious, what is the point of looking nice outside when the inside is dying? Gang gang…

  • With that lipstick u look like petronela

  • Book shops, where can I find the book?

  • That's such an amazing read, I also read it a while ago.

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