Head Hunger After Weight Loss Surgery

Dr. Matthew Weiner is an author and bariatric surgeon who specializes in the treatment of obesity. His practice is located in Tucson Arizona.

Dr. Weiner graduated from the University of Michigan medical school in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He completed his general surgery residency at New York University Hospital in New York City. He practiced in suburban Detroit for 12 years before moving to Tucson in 2019 where he, together with Dr. Guillermo Higa, founded Tucson Weight Loss Surgery.

In addition to his surgical practice, Dr. Weiner is the Director of Bariatric Surgery and the Medical Director of Telemedicine at Tucson Medical Center. He is an active member of the American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgeons (ASMBS) and is a past President of the Michigan State chapter a Bariatric Surgeons.

Dr. Weiner has performed more than 2000 bariatric surgeries since joining his first practice in 2006 and frequently does complicated revision surgery. He also performs general surgery with an interest in stomach and small intestine surgery along with complex hernia repair.

In his first book, A Pound of Cure, Dr. Weiner debunks the traditional understanding of calorie balance driving weight loss and offers a non-surgical solution to those suffering from obesity through nutritional stability.

His second book, How Weight Loss Surgery Really Works: And How to Make it Work for You, is now available on Amazon in paperback and kindle. In this book, Dr. Weiner describes how the hormonal changes that alter your brain, fat stores and hunger signals are the most important component of weight loss surgery, rather than the portion control effects that have been emphasized in the past.

A third publication called The Bariatric Diet Guide And Cookbook is a cookbook for bariatric patients that will offer recipes and guidance on the most effective post-surgical diet. It’s set to be published in May 2021 and is available for pre-order at most online bookstores.

On his website, www.poundofcureweightloss.com, he offers more than 150 videos on a wide array of nutritional and bariatric topics. Lesson plans range from, “Preparing for Weight Loss Surgery” to “The Metabolic Reset Diet” including recipes and meal plans.

Dr. Weiner is licensed to practice in both Arizona and Michigan and even offers Telemedicine appointments. For more information call his office at (520) 420-1000 or check out his many resources below. For more videos and Facebook Live events, subscribe to his YouTube channel.

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  • I had the Sleeve Gastrectomy procedure last Thursday and I have had an interesting time adjusting. I am not hungry but did try to eat some sugar free pudding. I regretted that instantly. I am trying to find a way to stop thinking about food but it is a challenge. Any suggestions?

  • Eat the pizza after 2 months I love this dr hes brilliant

  • Had surgery on 8/7/2020. Down 87lbs from entire process. I do get real hunger sometimes and now adrenaline dumps. I don’t desire any of the bad stuff just the good foods. Just sharing so if someone is watching the video to know know that you can feel real hunger less than 3 months out. I agree that I don’t feel any desire for the bad foods or overeating but really enjoy my new pescatarian diet.

  • any advice for constant hunger? I've been like this since surgery but now that I'm at 16 months post op it's getting worse where I feel like I need to nibble constantly. I can be full and my body is telling me I'm hungry still. Its driving me nuts at this point. anything I can do to help 'curb' the constant sensation? I have given in many times to temptations but even after I give in to one of those temptations the hunger is still there.

  • Makes total sense to me thank you.

  • Thank you for your videos, I am really learning a lot about my new tool/ Sleeved June 20th/18. Going to buy your book!

  • Based on this, I've literally never been actually hungry in my life! LOL

  • This video is really good – now i know how it feels to be hungry. Thanks Dr. for this videos they are really helpful – i'm so glad that i can see all this video before i have surgery so i won't be worried or unsure. I wished sometimes that our swedish surgeon will do this kind of videos because there are people that doesn't speak english

  • I'm 2yr post op and I can't differentiate head hunger from real hunger. I don't desire junk foods because that was never a struggle for me rather than it was the amount of food I ate. I feel hungry every 2 hrs I need to chew some meat, preferably. Struggle with this daily and not sure what to do.

  • I actually had bypass surgery in the hopes that it would help the extreme hunger I was experiencing because an illness caused rapid weight gain (70 lbs in one year & I was overweight to begin with). I lost 100 pounds before surgery eating pretty much the way you recommend but was averaging 16 cups of fruits/veggies daily to stem the hunger. Surgery did not stop the hunger. In the early weeks on the liquid/soft diet it was actually worse. At 4 weeks post surgery I advanced to meat cooked in the crock pot & soft vegetables which i was craving terribly & it helped. Not enough though. I had to go on Wellbutrin to control appetite and immodium to prevent food from going straight through me. I apparently have a problem with hypermotility of the GI tract. Solid meat & steamed veggies help the most with the hunger as well as drinking a minimum 24oz water between meals. Processed food does not provide enough volume for me to be satisfied. I regularly eat 4-5 cups of food when extremely hungry and have been able to do this from about 8 weeks post-op. My surgeon really does not understand what happened in my case. He does 200 surgeries a year-he has never had a patient respond as I have. Endocrine causes for the extreme hunger have been ruled out. I really have to be very careful to eat very regular meals with very solid food & drink the water between. I am just shy of one year out & have been at my maintenance weight for 2 1/2 months after dropping 55 pounds. Surgery not fixing my problem with extreme hunger was a huge shock.

  • awesome video! I am feeling actual hunger. I was sleeved 2/27 and have had a trouble getting my protein in, but when I find something I can tolerate it is satisfying to me. I'm not craving a specific food, I am not getting my nutrition in. I'm calling my nutritionist today.

  • I thought I was hungry 2 weeks post op. When I was put on Prevacid for reflux, it disappeared. It was stomach acid.

  • Thank you so much for your time.

  • Dr. Wiener, I am doing all of the work up towards gastric sleeve. My insurance which is Medicare requires 4 months of supervised diet before
    Surgery. What is the best way to do this? What plan would you suggest? I have your book, "A Pound of Cure" would that one be good to follow?

  • i just had a large bowl of lentil soup (completely blended)Week 2. i know this is not a calorie dense food, yet i had a large amount. i believe this is head hunger but it is nutritious and filling. i just don't know..

  • Dr. Weiner, I had VGS on 9/20 and had complications where I couldn't hold down food or liquids and they couldn't figure out why. After 3 hospital stays and 2 months, I lost over 50-60 lbs. Now, for the last month and a half, I feel extremely hungry, I don't have much restrictions when eating and an hour after eating I feel hungry again. Is this normal? Or, should I seek out a 2nd opinion to see if something went wrong with with my surgery or sleeve? Thank you Oh, my HW:267 CW:186 and I've bene stuck at this weight for over a month.

  • To eliminate real hunger post operation I noticed when I am busy I don't think of food on the contrary my wife reminds me to eat. But when I am bored, oh god, every two hours I want to eat something.

  • I'm almost 14 months post op. I never came close to my goal and I have gained 13 pound. I literally gained 7 pounds in 3 daily. At times I gain at least a pound daily. Any advice.

  • I haven't had surgery yet. I'm having it July 27th but already have lost 80 pre surgery and one thing I noticed, is when I have a major craving to binge or get off track and I eat something wrong, it's never ever as good as what I imagine it's going to be. ever.

  • can you recommend the best option for bile in the stomach surgery ? I will be seeing another surgeon tomorrow but, I just don't think he really knows which to do. I've already lost so much weight and don't need to lose anymore. I'm very very skinny. this is all do to gallbladder surgery that was not needed and now I'm suffering. Thank you for your time.

  • Dr. Weiner, do you think that a vegan can get bariatric surgery and succeed?

  • Having my gastric bypass surgery on 5-23-16 and i wanted to say thank you for your information and guidance. You are really helping me settle in to the fact that "i am going to be ok after this surgery". My Surgeon has me on an Optifast 800 pre op diet for two weeks, and it is tough but i am getting through it. This pre op period is giving me some training with head hunger vs real hunger. Thanks again.

  • Dr Weiner
    thank you so much for your videos.
    I've learned much more than I would have from my program that I'm on now.
    I just had by gastric bypass April 12th so I'm almost 4 weeks to the day tomorrow post op.
    The nutrition program I would have to pay out-of-pocket would be nowhere near what I've learned from you and I purchased your book to keep me on track and keep me eating the right foods.

    Thank you again so much I really appreciate your effort and knowledge and everything that you've done for everybody!
    Have a great day.

  • Hi Dr Weiner, I'm from the UK. I discovered you through an American bariatric Facebook page. I am on day 5 of your detox. So far I've lost 9Lb and can hardly believe it!! One question…. Do I have to cut out potatoes altogether? P.s Thank you for saving me from plateau!

  • I found it hilarious when he said " i think you should have some" then proceeded to describe the adverse effects.

  • can i loose weight almost (60 kgs) without surgery

  • just found your video's can't thank you enough for these.. I'm learning so much, wish i could have you do my surgery… 🙂 God Bless you for putting this info out, without compensation.. (but i did buy your book)

  • truly one of your best videos yet……im 3 months post vsg and the head hunger desires are back..i fight them then one day i gave in and had some fried food>>>worst mistake..i had a guts ache and the shits with pain…hence fried food is off my menu now……being in australia i have never truly experience real hunger as food is plenty here so retraining my brain is new for me…but I'm getting there..i don't regret my vsg and i believe i have extended my lifespan as a result…keep the great videos coming as many people around the world appreciate them…thanks again

  • Truth!  Great video once again 🙂

  • Really helpful. I often feel queasy, even hours after I eat. This often results in "wind." Is that normal?.

  • I tried veggie burger at Hungry Jacks which I used to like before. As you mention the sensation is totally different now, 7 months out. Last time I tried it I just had the patty and left out the buns in their entirety. I have pretty much eliminated everything you suggest though finding it hard to switch to nut milk and still do miss rice (which I have now replaced with Quinoa and have it very occasionally). 

    I would suggest others with the same head hunger problem as me to try the hunger scale. It does help if you commit to it.

  • Excellent content as always. May I make a suggestion Dr Weiner? It would be fantastic if you could make these videos available as podcasts on iTunes. It would make excellent listening in the car, on the walk and beyond.

  • Good advice even for long-term post-ops.  When dietary practices get sloppy we tend to forget this.  Thanks for the good reminder.

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