Homemade Weight Loss Dog Food Recipe (Filling, Low Calorie)

We know the risks of being overweight, but did you know that many of the risks to overweight humans are the same for overweight pets? If your dog needs to shed a few pounds, this homemade weight loss dog food may help. Read the full recipe here: https://topdogtips.com/homemade-weight-loss-dog-food-recipe/

When your dog eats more calories in a day than he burns, it leads to weight gain. That’s common sense, right? The reason I mention this is because you may just need to adjust the portions you’re serving your pooch or increase the amount of exercise he gets each day.

Before you switch your dog to a homemade weight loss dog food, consult your vet. They can help you decide whether a change in diet is needed or it’s just a matter of portion control and an extra walk in the evening.



  • In one of the articles I read off of your page says not to give them organ me liver and heart. But both of these organs are in this recipe, how can it be unsafe but yet safe in this recipe???

  • The pasta in this is completely unnecessary. Dogs have no biological requirement for carbohydrates in their diet, all that pasta will just put stress on their pancreas and promote yeast growth, leaky gut etc.

  • The chicken you use has lots of fat. Chicken liver are high in fat and cholesterol. Not good for a dog to lose weight. Broccoli give dogs to much gas.

  • If your dog suffers of hot spots, allergies and yeast infections this is not the food. Skip the pasta and add spinach, broccoli, turmeric, super foods powder sold at Costco (green concentrated veggies) Thanks for the great video

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  • Respectfully, if you ate that, you will likely gain weight. Perhaps better is fatty ground meat, and no pasta. Anyhow, thanks for making the video, I plan to change my 3 legged dog's diet to help her lose weight.

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  • I have an overweight chihuahua. The vet sold me a $30 Hills r/d. My chi won't go near it. I smell it, it's smells disgusting. I need a homemade weight loss dog food recipe. From these reviews I'm guessing it's not this girl's. Can anyone help me????

  • I went to your website and your recipes are not good for dogs. You have a recipe for a raw meal where you add apple core and red cabbage. This is not healthy and can even be dangerous as the seeds of apples which are in the core are very poisonous for dogs. The this weight loss recipe, why no bones in the chicken, they take calcium etc out of that. And the pasta they do not even process it, that comes out like it goes in. If you want a dog to loose weight then exercise is very important and use beans in their food. That is nutritious and healthy.

    You do not give good recipes and that can be harmful for dogs. Educate yourself properly on dog nutrition and the physiology and anatomy etc of the dog so you learn what they do and do not digest and which nutrition they need.

  • i have 4 dogs there a family unit Dad Mom Son and Daughter,,,and they are all so different!!! the one thing they are all alike in is they love there food that i have made for them for two years. the last thing i intended waas for momma to get overweight!!!! can someone pls tell me if there is a safe diet pill for her and a great weight loss food recipe would be fantastic… Thank You from Craig in Florida

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  • I don’t want to give my dog the macaroni noodles WHILE they need to lose weight. Aren’t we suppose to feed Grown dogs ONCE A DAY. TY

  • I entered in my search “dog food for weight loss” and that’s exactly what this video is…info for the hater bombs.
    The ingredients in your recipe are all items I can purchase in my local grocery stores. To make it where it can last longer and spread the food out more, I think I might freeze a portion and just add to some of my dog’s kibble to introduce the change in food. Our family loves quinoa so that and oatmeal might be an alternative too. My dog needs all the help I can get her as she has a heart condition plus her acl injury. Thank you for posting this. I truly appreciate it!!!

  • You seem like a Karen and also we are not rich like you so we can’t afford food like that for our dog. Think about that Karen

  • Every recipe that I find does not have clear instructions regarding portions. It says there are 4200 kcal in this recipe. Is that the whole amount? What is a serving size? That is what I need to know. My dog is 13 pounds and she needs to get down to about 8 pounds. Please help!!!

  • How is this recipe low calorie with pasta?! Pasta has carbs…


  • Heart and liver is a great addition but all of them are high in cholesterol plus carb from pasta would not help the weight loss.

  • Can I store this if I make a lot at a time

  • Plz help.. I have a 30 ish pound pure Beagle. She put on about 13-15 in 1 yr since we adopted her. She's 6 yrs old. She doesn't like to walk much, constantly stops and either constantly stops to sniff or just stops and looks like shes done walking. Some paws have calluses on them. I've started putting Burt's bees cuticle cream to try to soften them. If I make this recipe, about how much do I give her 2x day? A cup ea?

  • Use oatmeal as a filler rather than macaroni. I won't go into detail here, google it, but its healthier. Unuitilized carbs turn to sugar than fat, and if your dog is very inactive as mine is that not good. Salmon is also a very good protein, the best, high in omega 3 fatty acids which is also wonderful for dogs with joint pain. Sardines are excellent as well. When using fresh salmon there is no need for additives such as vitamins. Plus in order for calcium to assimilate into the body and be useful it must be accompanied by vitamins D and phosphorus. Personally I don't care for the "diet" mentioned here, it makes no sense to me. Too many fatty meats, too much carb. Veggies are a great addition and healthy if your pet will eat them. Research which ones are safe. For example, grapes are deadly. Use greens like kale, and spinach. Add blueberries, they are a superfood.

  • Wait… did you wash the meat?

  • I'm not feeling the pasta, and would not feed that to my dogs

  • What could I do for my slightly overweight dog to help shed those fee extra pounds? She can't go for long walks or run around because she tore her acl and shes too old (9yrs) for surgery

  • My dog has 10 lbs, how would u convert that into cups?? Thank you!

  • Dogs in wild dont coock their meat,this way food will loose much of its value.
    But you can coock vegetables.

  • doesnt giving them macaroni(carbs) not help then lose the weight?

  • @Top Dog Tips. How much would you reccomend in cups a 60 pound dog should get? I have a almost 10 yr old husky lab mix who we just rescued and she needs to drop some weight to help her hips and I think this recipe will work great for her!

  • I dont ever cook the meat for my bullies. They eat grain free dog food with raw diet and sardines. 2 of them I fostered when he & a female were puppies and had really bad mange. They're coats are really nice and shiny and the portion control to feeding your pets is important. Most people just love their pets to point of spoiling them to feed them table food/scraps not realizing it does affect the health of their pets. I myself was guilty of doing that till I saw our oldest bully hesitate with his stamina when we'd walk or run them at the park.

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  • Hi there. Do you perhaps have any recipes using lentils or chickpeas instead of rice? Or to offset some of the rice? Thank you. I have had a bit of a look and a search on your website, but I haven't found anything. Perhaps I am being blond?

    Love your channel by the way. Although I am from South Africa so allot of the products are lost on me 🙂

  • Wouldn't brown rice be better than macaroni?

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