HOW I LOST 30 POUNDS IN 3 MONTHS | FAST Weight loss Tips (with pictures)

HOW I LOST 30 POUNDS IN 3 MONTHS | FAST Weight loss Tips (with pictures)
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Disclaimer: every body is different and fine the way it is, why and how i loose weight maybe be different to you 🙂

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  • Weight loss update, I have now lost 30 lbs!!! This is a chat and a talk on what it’s been like and progress

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  • Who wants to be my weight loss buddy over the summer??
    We can keep each other motivated and consistent!

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  • Do anyone know about Okibetonic Secrets? Does it work? I hear most people lost their weight with this popular lose weight secrets.

  • Please recommend some tips! I’m 10 years old. I weight 130 pounds, but although i am 5’3. I’m trying to get to 90 pounds, so i’m trying to lose 40-30 pounds. Please remind me and give tips!!

  • What is the best product or brand to lost a lot of fat? I read lots of good reviews on the net about how exactly Custokebon Secrets can help you lost tons of weight. Has anyone tested out this popular fat burn diet plan?

  • You talked a lot and said nothing.

  • So what about body positivity?

  • im sick and tired of looking and feeling like this even though I'm in a healthy weight (137lb- 5,6ft) i don't feel good about myself and I hate being the fatter sister the fatter friend I want to be a xs not a S and my goal weight is 110 i will start tomorrow 🙂 and keep it going for 3 months and lose 30 pounds

  • So guys i just wanted to say that i was watching too many videos about losing weight and do nothing cause I find it hard to follow someone else life style
    Until that day came i had enough this day I really wanted to change not because the people but for me
    And yes i made it i came up with a diet i’ve lost 25 kg and i can go for more
    I don’t do sport , i only watch what i eat

    So don’t lose hope your day will come too you can get there just try harder

  • did they patch this in the new update

  • If I manage to lose 30 pounds Before July I will update I really hope I can do it.

  • *Starting my weight loss journey * I will update every month, Just got to remind me!
    February 2021- 151 Lbs
    Goal weight- 125 Lbs

  • Here on the 11th of feb I’ll edit this to say if it worked out

  • starting tomorrow february 12th 2021 i will start trying to loose weight my goal is between 20-30 pounds lost and i know it’s hard but i will update everyone

  • Could you do like a proper run through on what workouts you did and are doing now

  • Friday Feb 5, gonna update this on may 5

  • I am currently trying to lose weight and be healthy. I’m at 5’9 and 175 pounds right now. My goal is 145 or even 150 at first. I can keep you all updated! I wanted to try the Chloe Ting workout too maybe to help me! Let me know if you want updates. This is my goal for 2021 🙂

  • I’m starting January 6
    I want to lose 30 pounds for March 13, 2020
    Currently 5’10 and weigh 204.4 pounds
    No matter how much junk I eat I stay around the 200-205 mark.
    Goal weight is 175 !!
    I will check in every day n update my weight weekly!
    Someone please help to remind me. My instagram is: kashi.aa
    I’m so tired of being overweight, I want to feel confident and comfortable in my body. No one knows i’m doing this b/c this time i’m doing it for MYSELF.

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