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Hey Girly pies!! Welcome to my channel! I’m so excited to finally share my weight loss journey with you guys!! In this video I’ll be covering the basics on what I did to lose over 70 POUNDS. Feel free to comment video ideas and ANY requests along with any questions you might have! I will definitely be making more videos pertaining to my weight loss so don’t forget to comment, like, and subscribe for more content!

Getting lots of questions about my height! For anyone curious I’m 5’7! 🤩

Thanks again !

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  • This just motivated me and we the same height ❤️❤️

  • you are so pretty, you look like a caramel brown sugar Ciara

  • you are beautiful and sooo funny lmaooo!

  • I was sitting here contemplating if I should spend $100+ on workout gear in my Amazon cart and just found this video; thank you. Will update.

    I’m currently 5’4 and 189 lbs.

  • You pretty big or small. You look like the singer Ciara. You favor her.

  • I always wanted to lose weight after I went through depression because I gained 60 lbs and I have to lose them now. I want to. I will feel so much better, I just know it. But I am so scared. I'm not sure of what. I had a problem with food where I barely ate and I felt like I was about to pass out any second but I got compliments. I stopped and gained some weight back but I was healthy until I went through my depression and my body change made my self esteem worse. But im getting married and I know my fiancé loves me at this weight and he's supportive of what I want because I WANT IT FOR ME. We want to have kids early in our marriage so I want to be healthy. This just motivated me more. Today was my first day starting and I feel horrible lol. I'll get there !

  • I feel so to that's why I change the way I eat now cut out meat and sugar bread

  • Yall just remember that the way you eat isnt just to be skinny. You have to take care of your health as well.

  • Unpopular opinion

    Sometimes you're not ugly
    You're just fat

    People think its wrong to acknowledge that being fat reduces your beauty.

  • friday , may 7th, 16 years old 154 pounds, editing next month.

  • You are unbelievably pretty

  • Okay I feel way better because I’m a girl I’m 20 I can’t cook. So I was like damn how am I gonna lose a little bit of weight because I can’t cook. Getting an air fryer this weekend!

  • Damn girl you look so good! And jawline be cutting!!! Serve!!!!

  • im sorry but i can’t get over how freaking beautiful you are?!?!

  • I’m considered obesity pregnancy… thank you for this video I have to loose weight naturally

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