How to lose weight fast | Weight loss Tips |Best weight loss tips |Diet plan to lose weight fast

How to lose weight fast | Weight loss Tips |Best weight loss tips |Diet plan to lose weight fast
Hello everyone, today I will share with weight loss tips, these weight loss tips actually work wonder, if you want to lose weight quickly. In this video, I shared 7 weight loss tips, or weight loss hacks, if you follow these weight loss tips you can easily reduce weight without any diet and exercise. So friends, from today follow these weight loss tips and you can easily lose 10kg in 1 month.
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Multigrain atta-
Day 1-Day 10 weight loss diet plan- https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLAK7vWtdKK7wLHhZ76UiyBR1H9MTaB0Rc
Indian diet plan for weight loss-https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLAK7vWtdKK7yT287JRmrxYQb_li2NnQWs
WEIGHT LOSS RECIPES-https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLAK7vWtdKK7yc8el_bM9c5R8qu3J5U9vG
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  • Mam do we need to take supplements like milk thistle , protein powder and multivitamin for weight loss are they good or not as i dont want to include these in my diet plz help

  • V v deep clear information kp it up too gud

  • You have given a very informative detailed information. Thank you for your efforts.

  • Very informative ,thanxs dear ,actually we are not able to calculate properly ,in this way very easy

    Please also share diet plane for preganant women
    Also tell the calories of following items:
    Green tea,
    Eggs ( how many eggs have to take in a day or week)
    Bakery items
    Samoosa n all ( once in a week,if possible)

  • Mam mein arobice karti hu but weight km nahi hota

  • Mam , God bless you. You have very well explained about the qty. Till date I haven't come across such detailed vlog. You have explained everything in detail. Thank you.

  • Many people nowadays are trying to figure out the best way to lose weight. Then again, being able to discover a diet plan that can work for you is hard to discover. A very important thing you need to understand is that a diet that works for one person may not operate for another. And that means you have to know what your getting into before you start one of these diets. This can give you enough information to find out whether this is something that is suitable to your needs. Read more here https://truehealthreport.com/xtreme-fat-loss-diet-review/

  • Is ds suitable for hypo thyroid people

  • Mam dite kundli aap kese start ho ga

  • Xtreme Fat Loss diet review 25 lbs in a month — Can it deliver results? https://rb.gy/xxjiq2

  • Maam mai ek working le dedy hu mai apna 10 kg weight kis karna chahti hu par mai bana kar lene wali dite fholo nahi kar pati kyoki deuty subh 6 se sham 6 hota hai to banane ka time nahi hota to mujhe koi aysa dite plan bataiye jise mai redimet le kar jaldi apna weight ki am kar saku

  • Nuts, ghee, and dairy products have good fat we can consume aaramse.. Np.. Oil and junk food will accumulate bad fat in our body., and it Will create Colestrol too..

  • Madam pls make a thyroid freindly deit plan…

  • Hi mam …aap ne ek apne weight loss video me weight loss supplement ki bath ki hai joke aapne apne her meal se 45min pehele lerehein thi…wo kaunsi hai hum use karsakte hain usko? Please explain

  • Good information… Thanks…

  • Mam plz tell about weight loss plateau .

  • Your videos are really very nice,plz tell me that if I want to loose weight,so should I take 900 calories in a particular way or I can eat any healthy diet but it should not exceed particular calories intake

  • Plz make something for non-vegetarian ppl too

  • Mam ,I want to ask whenever I follow low calorie diet,feel constipation n heaviness. What is the solution?

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