I Tried The Keto Diet For A Week | Ketogenic Diet Results | Best Weight Loss Diet?

As many of you know, I love trying different diets! I’ve tried carnivore, OMAD, intuitive eating, vertical diet etc. So with that said, in today’s video I decided to give the keto (ketogenic) diet a try for a week! Is it the best weight loss diet?

Throughout the video I outline exactly how I’m going about my week in terms of calories, macros, meal frequency. I also outline some great recipes, meal ideas. This is a great video outlining the keto diet for beginners!

The week definitely had it’s ups and downs but the results were INSANE! Definitely didn’t expect to lose that much weight by the end.

Hope you all enjoy the video and can learn a little about the keto diet along the way!

Salmon Recipe: https://www.saltysidedish.com/air-fryer-salmon-ninja-foodi/

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  • Thanks for watching everyone! Hope you enjoyed the video, I appreciate you ❤️ Also….video ends at 24:16

  • All that fat and butter and meat can't be healthy. Also it just doesn't taste good lol you can rip carbs out of my cold dead hands

  • i thought the girlfriend was a vegan

  • Will. Man. Buddy.

    Whoever is editing your videos is guilty of the "music too loud/dialogue way quieter (in comparison)" folly. Keep that music just below -12 decibels!

  • Keto sucks if you actually like to workout.

  • Ok I understand the diet but salmon with parmesan, hell no!

  • Clickbait. You might as well try "body building for a week". "I tried to kick heroin for a week" would make just as much sense. just fucking stupid. You did ZERO research and are being ridiculous.

    To See real results from any dietary change like carnivore or keto you need to do it strictly and for at least a month if not two months. Not carb cycling, not fake sweeteners and abusing fiber to cheat with carbs.

  • Such an informative and entertaining video! =)

  • where tf are you that has an a&w still

  • will you put ANYthing in your mouth tho

  • Keto week #14 here. Down 70 pounds. This is a nutritional lifestyle that is sustainable. It just takes a lot of preparation.

    Oh and yes, describing the diarrhea as insane is 100% accurate. 5 days of absolute hell and a 6th day of moderate issues.

  • Where is the recipe for the salmon ????? It’s not in the description box. I just started keto and I want to try it ! @willtennyson

  • Bro will u got me flat lined,with that joke of a step dad hugging u

  • You should do the keto diet again but vegan edition

  • Keto is the only diet that works for me. Don’t know if it’s the best or not but nothing else works. It shuts off my cravings which makes it easier to stick to eating plan. With a balanced approach im starving day and night while actually gaining weight

  • i love you all appriciate our fetaa cheese. you know how to eat man

  • Great video just a couple things to mention from my experience and from what people like Thomas delauren and others are talking about to is. First yes it's a high fat diet but after ajjusting to keto you don't need to eat that much fat since the goal is to burn off your own fat so eat like normal pieces of meat like chicken breast and leaner beef and the fats should be coming from healthy fats as nuts olive oil fish avocado since they are gonna reduce the inflammation in your body as well and another reason is to eat those meats is if you don't have the grass fed grass finished beef for example all those nasty antibiotics and grains soy are fed to cows are gonna be in your body since they are stored in the animal far. Another thing as you pointed out indeed is the fact that when you start keto is pretty tough you loose the muscle glycogen and loose some definition but it will come back cause your body will produce glycogen from fat so it's all good just make sure you get your electrolites since you excreed them easier without carbs so chicken broth. Bone broth good source for that. As for the pump taking some salt before your workout will help getting that pump. This diet is not easy but pretty sustainable especially if you eat good foods and a good snack would be pork rinds with just salt .

  • Wtf I did not expect tristyn lee

  • Your keto doesn’t look like my keto. I eat a ton more veg (5-7 cups a day) and a lot less protein (6-8 oz a day). Easy to increase amount of fat by adding butter to everything. And all that process food can’t be a good thing. My keto is more whole foods — ingredient label must have less than 5 ingredients.

  • This guys one liners are out of this world

  • Holy S**t is that kerrygold butter

  • if you track net carbs instead of total carbs that 37g will feel like 100 if u eat the right shit

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