Meghan Markle 17 Health Fitness & Diet Secrets | You Need To Know Now

Meghan Markle 17 Health Fitness & Diet Secrets | You Need To Know Now

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Mghan Markle is a beautiful woman with a slim and athletic physique. That has a lot of people wanting to know: What is Meghan Markle’s diet and workout secrets?

Markle (age 36 years) is walking down the aisle to marry Prince Harry (age 33 years) on May 19, 2018. With the eyes of the world upon her, some have commented that she lost even more weight. She’s a health food advocate who enjoys exercise. She’s also advocated for the benefits of a balanced lifestyle, though. Everything in moderation – including moderation. She touts the principle she called “lifestyle eating” to avoid binge eating.

When I’m filming, I’m conscious of what I eat,” Meghan said in a 2016 interview with Best Health magazine, during which she discussed life on the set of Suits, a TV series she starred in for seven seasons. For the future princess, that meant eliminating dairy, meat, and other animal products Monday through Friday. On the weekends, though, all food groups were fair game. “It’s all about balance.

Meghan has long taken cues from her mom, Doria Radlan: “My mom was a yoga instructor, so that practice is in my blood,” Meghan told Women’s Health UK, noting that vinyasa and hot yoga were her favorites. More recently, she was been spotted in Los Angeles at hip-hop yoga studio Y7. “I love an intense vinyasa class,” she said in the Women’s Health UK interview, “and even better if it’s blasting hip-hop and done in a dark room with candlelight.

Meghan kicked off her days drinking hot water with lemon and a bowl of oatmeal with bananas and agave syrup, according to a 2016 interview with Delish.com. Other times, the soon to be Mrs. Prince Harry had an acai bowl with berries, bee pollen, and special honey made from the nectar of manuka trees, she told The Chalkboard magazine.

If you took a peek inside Meghan’s fridge, and you’d find carrots, hummus, green juice, almond milk, and homemade chia seed pudding.

Meghan refilled a mason jar with plain old filtered water all day long or sipped Pellegrino with lime, according to The Chalkboard magazine. “Hydrate, hydrate, all the time,” Meghan told. “Your skin will look better, everything will look really good.”

Of course I’m going to have that glass of wine. It’s delicious and I enjoy it,” Meghan said in an interview with Best Health magazine. At the time, she was into Malbec, Cabernet, and Pinot Noir.

Meghan’s go-tos are pasta and fries, she told Best Health magazine.”I don’t ever want to feel deprived,” she said. “I feel that the second you do that is when you start to binge on things.”

Despite the vegan thing, Meghan has said she’s down for ice cream on occasion.

Meghan Markle Health Fitness & Diet Secrets.

While prepping for their wedding, Meghan and Harry began drinking fruit and veggie smoothies to up their whole food intake.

Like most people, Meghan knows that sometimes, working out sounds “absolutely dreadful,” according to a 2017 interview with Women’s Health UK. “I always remind myself of how good it will feel afterward,” she said. “Euphoric, almost!”

While shooting Suits, Meghan clocked in three to four, 45-minute workouts with personal trainer Craig McNamee, a chiropractor, certified strength and conditioning specialist, and co-founder of Catalyst Health training facility in Toronto, Canada, per week.

Meghan prioritized exercise by booking her training sessions early in the day and jumping straight into the workout. “When she gets to the gym, there’s no real complaining. She gets down to business right away and really enjoys it………more watching this video
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