My Weight Loss Journey | How I Did It With Right Diet without Gym | Akiva Health Shots

Hi Everyone,
In this video, I am sharing my weight loss story with how I lost extra kilos by eating right and keeping physically active but without Gym.
Hope you will find it inspiring and useful.
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How To Make Coconut MIlk Cream :

How To Make Coconut Oil :

This Is What RICE WATER Did To My HAIR :

DIY Rice Water Face Mask :

Miracle Home Remedy For Dandruff & Hair Regrowth :

DIY Coconut Hair Conditioner :

How I Cured Thyroid , Grew Long Hair & Lost Weight Naturally :

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  • Can any one help me out with this even I have ordered this today I have received this when we to drink before food or else after food ?

  • Can 15 yrs old can consume Akiva shots

  • You are supposed to mention if this is a sponsored video when you show a product and offer a discount code..otherwise you’re just scamming and exploiting your viewers.

  • How much did u take to loose this much?

  • For 175 cm 75 kg is the perfect weight (for large body type),but I think your hair alone weights around 2-3 kg or maybe more.

  • Did you find any changes in your Jean size??
    If so what size you were before and now??

  • Have you ever looked into intermittent fasting?

  • Plz make a video on how to make almond oil at home plz di…

  • I know this off topic , but I have recently found your channel. Before anything, let me appreciate you for the amazing inspiration you are unknowingly giving. Thanks for boosting confidence and hope.
    I have been recently watching your hair videos. I am not sure how to start. Since so many videos are there . I am confused what to start with. I am losing my hair density . Please suggest what could be the best to start with. Waiting for your reply in anticipation.

  • Hi sushmita…. Would love to try the shots…. 1… As im in my 30s i badly need to detox my body.. Cz we would have stuffed max junk in our body during teenage and 20s….(enjoying school college days)
    2nd..as il mom of 2 toddlers… I hardly find time to prepare any detox drinks…regularly.. as To see any results at least 1 month continuity is a must.. So i miss out on this…
    So these shots would be best solution to my situation…

  • Congratulations on your weight loss you beautiful ether way though

  • Hii… Susmita dii..I like and follow all ur videos…I would like to try Akiva because I HV a baby of 2years and I tried lots of products but unable to lose weight…but I Akiva will do because u have recommended and I trust u very much…bye di…thank you

  • Hey sushmita, it is really amazing to see your new look

    I would like to try akiva shorts , bcoz it is most of the time tht we try the products but we r not knowing or sure about the results

    As u have tried this product & is sure about the results .I can trust u & definitely try the products

  • Dear Sushmita, I like your hairs very much. 
    I want to feel lighter again as before. After second baby my weight is 80 Kg, with which I really feel very heavy. However I am not unhappy but yes this weight make me prone to be diabetic person in later stages and give invitation to other diseases. I really wanted to live my life completely and to be healthy in all the aspects of my life physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, socially, financially etc.

  • Wonderful result and congrats Sushmi

  • Thank you for sharing these great tips.

  • Sushmita, you're looking good! Also, I didn't realize you were that tall. Keep going!

  • As u said I m trying to loss post pregnancy weight I weighed around 97 in pregnancy now I m 82 still lot more to go trying to b fit so trying this product may help me to loss more weight..

  • I have always been on the chubbier side.. with great difficulty I lost a lot of weight… but unfortunately due to a surgery on my legs I couldn’t continue to workout and literally gained all the weight I have lost..I’m slowly healing now and trying to get in shape.. but I’m feeling demotivated and lost.. hoping this might be my guiding light to initiate and continue the process of my weight loss 🙂

  • Fabulous you look. Loads of Love❤️

  • After two babies it's difficult for me to eat healthy n on time … may be they can help me detox n keep me motivated

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