Sadhguru Diet For Weight Loss: Lose 10Kg In 10 Days | How To Lose Weight Fast?

Sadhguru Diet Plan: Lose 10Kg In 10 Days | How To Lose Weight Fast 10Kgs In 10 Days | Sadhguru Diet For Weight Loss | Diet Plan To Lose Weight Fast | Weight Loss Diet Plan | Sadhguru Diet Plan For Fast Weight Loss | Pranic Diet Sadhguru

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PS: Follow this for a minimum of 20 days to feel that positivity (with high pranic foods). You may lose up to 10 Kgs in 10 – 20 days ( i.e 1/2 to 1 Kilo a day ) depending on your current body weight & metabolism. You will feel light & active as well as positive towards life.

You may eat an Apple with the Breakfast Wheatgrass Drink to feel more full. There are some food items in this diet exclusively suggested by me (not by Sadhguru), in order to help you achieve your weight loss goals.

As per Sadhguru, if your age is below 30, you should have 3 meals a day and if your age is above 30, then you should take 2 meals a day. I have provided more options, you may skip meals according to your age. Please note only 2 meals (brunch & dinner) are served at Sadhguru’s Isha Foundation.

Video (Recipe) Credits: Sadhguru
Disclaimer: Neither Sadhguru nor Isha Foundation has endorsed /designed this diet for weight loss in any duration. This has been solely created by me. As far as I know, Sadhguru has not designed any diet chart! Go ahead, only if you feel comfortable.
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  • Sorry , though I wish to follow the diet but really can't be followed .it's a myth.
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  • Bajra/Pearl millet is heat-producing > a winter food. Please give the correct information in the video.

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