Summer Diet Plan For Weight Loss | Summer Weight Loss Diet Plan – Lose 10Kgs Fast

Summer Diet Plan For Weight Loss | Summer Weight Loss Diet Plan – Lose 10Kgs Fast | Summer Diet Plan | Summer Diet Plan 2021 | Full Day Meal Plan/Diet Plan To Lose 10 Kgs | | Simple & Easy Meal Plan To Lose Weight Fast | How To Lose Weight Fast In Summer
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This diet is easy to follow, will promote fat loss & inches, and also help overcome weight loss plateau. So all those with stuck weight, here comes a well-designed diet plan for you.
The diet is safe for all, vegan friendly, and absolutely worthy of trying.
Everyone including PCOS PCOD, Thyroid & Pregnant well as Nursing Mothers can follow it.
It’s healthy and will help you get fit this summer.
Thyroid Patients may choose to have Overnight Oats or Oats Poha for Breakfast instead of Ragi.

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Fennel Seeds Water https://youtu.be/BsHlpPXJho8
Ragi Porridge Recipe https://youtu.be/eWmy3HH00l8
Green Tea for Weight Loss https://youtu.be/x3MS1Ioq_a0
Mung Dal Cheela Recipe https://youtu.be/ZtLid-eSDn4
Sadhguru Salad Recipe https://youtu.be/8E55ivuZD14
Carrot Soup Recipe https://youtu.be/JTGRs8JAOB8
Overnight Oats : https://youtu.be/8MNyF8Az0R4 / https://youtu.be/-DwIXRBsmi4
Masala Oats Poha https://youtu.be/UsQ85LNC6R8

My Previous Summer Diet Plans : https://youtu.be/dalEGUdnlU0 / https://youtu.be/lvzfbhdMSJ8 / https://youtu.be/BNB5KCNOJ88 / https://youtu.be/kM451XePRM4

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  • Can't we get a soup substitute? It's really hard to have soup in summers

  • Maam plzz thoda budget ka diet dedo jaise ki ghar ka khana… Youre diet sounds good but its budget is very high..

  • I watch other YouTubers diet plan but I always wish to follow yours as I feel your videos are sharp and clean. Thanq for taking effort just for us.

  • Can i drink zero size drink with this diet

  • Can i drink zero size juice with thid diet

  • Started it on 15th April, feeling very lite after day 2. No craving or starving feeling.

  • Carrot soup is not good to me, suggest some other

  • Can we use any other dal other than moong dal

  • For how many days this diet need to be followed?

  • 1.Fennel drink empty stomach

    2.Ragi/ oats flour + chia seeds + water/ milk + sweetner + nuts

    3. 2 Moong dal chilla + green tea after 30 min

    4. Beetroot salad for evening snack

    5. Carrot soup + cucumber

    Orange/ green tea for snacks

  • Hi Vicky….I am ur big fan… thanks a lot…I lost 12 kgs..in 2 and half month….
    I request u to make a diet for navratri… which is coming in next month….
    Thank u dear ❤️

  • Hi Vicky,I m in luv with ur diet plans,,it's a heartly request,,if it's possible will u plz make indian diet plan for 60+age diabetes people's,,it will be so helpful for many people's…hoping to get a positive response from your end..thankq

  • How many days should we follow this diet for results also thank u so much i have lost 25kg with ur diets

  • How many kilos weight can reduce by this diet in1 month

  • I had nuts in place of Beetroot salad n green tea

  • Hello mam….
    U mentioned this diet is also good for pregnant woman…bt also u mentioned that to avoid the fennel tea for pregnant woman in that video…..so with wat we can replace that..?

  • Plz make vedio ramzan diet plan for fast weight loss

  • Can I do egg diet plan in summer?

  • Pls suggest alternative for carrot soup…..can we replace it with other soups that you have uploaded already @versatile Vickey

  • Morning start with fennel water
    Breakfast raggi porridge or oats
    Lunch moog dal chilla
    After 30 mints geen tea
    Evening satguru salad
    Dinner carrot soup with 1-2 cucumber

  • Can I use whole moong daal for the chilla

  • I mix summer diet plan and 0diet plan
    I start day with saunf water and breakfast ragi porridge cup of milk tea and”” lunch one chapati with veg as I can’t cook moong dal Roti at work and evening one beat roots raw at dinner two boil eggs is it okay please reply

  • Hi Vicky can we take green tea before pregnancy ..

  • What can we use if we have no ragi flour? can we use juwar flour on it??

  • Can I use youghurt insteadof milk in ragi porridge

  • What else can i have rather than ragi porridge as i am not getting ragi flour plz do reply @versatile vicky

  • Please post this video in vickipedia

  • Ismein chicken kha sakte hain

  • Should I chew the fennel seeds with water in morning drink or sieve the seeds and then consume the water. Please answer.

  • Maam pls make diet plan for weight loss using Herbalife products

  • Hi dear Vicky,
    Please let me know, while on this Amazing Egg Diet:
    which detox water to do, which morning drink & which bed time drink.
    Awaiting your reply to start this Diet Plan soon.

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