Talk About Health and Lifestyle in English – Spoken English Lesson

In this lesson, you can learn to talk about health and lifestyle in English.
Are you in good shape? Do you have a balanced diet? Is your work-life balance healthy? You’ll learn how to discuss these health and lifestyle topics and other questions in this class. Do you need speaking practice? Try a lesson with a certified English teacher today and see how you can improve: http://bit.ly/ooe-teachers.

Do you work out? What’s the best workout for you? What are your diet and eating habits like? Do you have any bad habits? Share your writing in the comments and we will give you feedback!

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Intro 00:00-00:52
1. Talking About Exercise and Activity 00:52-04:00
2. Talking About Diet 04:00-07:07
3. Talking About Bad Habits 07:07-10:12
4. Talking About Work-Life Balance 10:12

This lesson will help you:
– Learn useful phrases to talk about how exercise fits into health and lifestyle in English.
– Get examples and definitions of common words people use to describe fitness and activity.
– Understand how to talk about your diet and get new vocabulary you can use when you talk about health and lifestyle with others.
– Learn how to talk about bad lifestyle habits like smoking or drinking a lot of alcohol.
– Talk about health and lifestyle in terms of your work-life balance. See how you can use new phrases and vocabulary in conversation to describe your work habits.
– Become more comfortable when talking about your health and lifestyle with others in conversation or even in an exam like IELTS.

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  • Another wonderful lesson. Thank you

  • Sir is speaking so fast…plz we are learners..so plz try to speak slow thanks

  • No matter how busy your life gets, make sure you prioritize yourself and your health and practice self-care. Sleep naturals, green essentials and brahmi capsules from planet ayurveda are some of the herbal supplements for self-care and better health.

  • Thanks for this video. The teachers are so interesting and they inspire me with their positive attitude.
    I love the saying that work-life balance is very important and we only live one life.
    I worked in Standard Chartered Bank in Hong Kong for my first job. My team worked 11-14 hours every day.
    My senior sometimes said intimidating words to me when I left earlier.
    I know that overtime working is still prevailing in that bank. We are all too weak to say out, at least I can say here.

  • Thanks for your efforts .It is very helpful and enjoyable

  • Thank you very much. I have learnt a lot. All of teachers are amazing.
    I'll try to learn English every day. I hope that I can speak fluently and get TOEIC 750 after next 6 months.

  • These two teachers deserve a big thumbs up , and that tutor (gentlemen) really makes sense. He is acting and transmiting the ideas very deeply , honestly. That's impressive.


  • I work out on a daily basis though I just do some gentl running for about 10 mins.I think it is not important how long you exercise each time,what matters is that you do it consitently everyday.It will do wonders for your health and your mind as well.
    I am in very good shape.Actually I am never out of shape or in a bad shape.i am not sure being in good shape means that i am fit or not.I have a very well rounded diet.I try my best to make sure that there are four groups of food in my daily meal.my diet emphasizes on fruits and veggies,includes lean meat and nuts.I think it is important to control what we put on our body.

  • Can you please tell me what "plan something in advance " means ?

  • I already have learned many things from your videos.
    Thank you OOE team.

  • This is my the first ever video of your youtube channel, I'm really appreciate from the deep of my soul.

  • A pretty useful lesson. Yet I wanted to use it for my teenage students, I couldn't due certain topics like drinking alcohol and alike

  • Thanks for your informative lesson. I'm trying to cut down coffee. Coffee is my vice, too, without drinking coffee, I can't awake to work. But I could not give it up completely. And I'm trying to quit drinking wine too, It's not good for girls since one day we might need to become mothers. 😀

  • Everyday i am watching your video,it’s really helpful for develop our English language.

  • Great lessons! I am 15 years old and I am from Egypt and I live in Saudi Arabia. I watch your videos to improve my English, and it helped me a lot. =)

  • Great lesson, thank you for sharing.

  • Thanks for your efforts to let us understand the language better. And mam Stephanie has been so sweet everytime.

  • Excellent!!! I enjoy your videos every time!!! Thanks a lot ❤

  • There are some advanced words, also some other saying ways but the same meaning, thank so much for your useful video and specially two teachers are so amiable

  • Health is very important in our life. I eat a lot of healthy food, I make sure that myself stay off junk food, fried food and sugar drink. I usually get up early at 4:30, and then I'll take a shower. After that, I'll read books and do some yoga. I think those are good start for my whole day. I don't want to be a sedentary person, so I'm trying to keep my work-life balance.

  • Stephanie's tone of speech is awfully noisy

  • An awesome demonstration. Well done

  • the conversation is simple n can be understood – give importance to pronunciation

  • Hi
    How do you do
    It's mind belonging
    I love it as well as your melodious Voice when you speak
    By take care

  • Excellent topic .Thanks a lot .

  • The lesson content is very useful, thanks for giving me:)

  • Thanks for providing such an informative video. I have been learning English for a decade, still learn a lot and find it very helpful after watching this.

  • Thank you fo lessons,they are useful.Thanks from Kazakhstan

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