This is how I face ( and mANAGE) my anxiety as a teenager – PUT THAT CHEESE BURGER DOWN

Anxiety can be a gift when it comes to completing the assignment before few minutes of submission or pulling your car’s brakes at the right moment and saying, gosh! that was close. Now imagine the few seconds of anxiety you experienced falling in love with you and refusing to leave your side.

I call my anxiety a lifetime subscription to a worst psychic and all this at obviously bullshit, every time I ask him, what can go wrong; he would say, I am glad that you asked.

I started experiencing constant anxiety when my mom was tested positive for Covid-19. Every day I could feel my heart racing and weird stomachaches accompanied by never stopping nightmares. In the middle of the night, I would wake up to check up on her. Even after her complete recovery, I was unable to break my negative thought pattern.

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Worst thing about anxiety can be the forced positivity people try to impose . Yea, I know may be it’s all in my head but I didn’t choose to be anxious, it’s the way it is and between the constant reassurance messages of everything being alright , I send to my brain and the argument my anxiety would give me. My brain said , I m fucked up; that was the time I knew I need to make changes and with that I was uncomfortable sharing about my what I am experiencing to anyone.


This may sound weird to a few, but this my absolute favorite. BECOME YOUR OWN COMEDIAN. you may not be the best one but as we give our thoughts a funny expression or pass a stupid comment it sends a message to our brain that its not something serious. For instance, if I am struggling with rushing thoughts I would move away from myself to become a witness and think about the thoughts I m thinking about. There was this one time I said, “nice web of thoughts huh! ,Are you a spider man? ” or you can just try to say the thought in funny voice or in an accent. Also Read: The Best Way to Avoid A Panic Or Anxiety Attack

2. Music

Music can have a strong effect on us. It can alleviate anxiety and depression ; some studies also says that music can reduce blood pressure  and heartbeat, which can directly impact on how stressed a person feels. Harmonious and relaxing music can help to lower your anxiety.

3. Meditation

Meditation works as magic….at first I faced lot of difficulty. Even 10 minutes of meditation felt lengthy and boring with the thoughts that my mind won’t stop thinking.


With a consistent routine of 10 minute meditation; soon I felt a shift in my body from being always restless to repose.

I recommend that you try and calm your nerves with the above tips as well and remember that stress and poor mental health can affect anyone, no matter the age.

I TRIED THIS ROUTINE AND IT HELPED ME IMMENSELY. give it a go, hopefully it will help you too.

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