'This is Urgent': Bipartisan Proposal for UFO Office Pushes New Boundaries – Politico

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Bryan Bender’s interview with Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, the author of the most far-reaching government proposal to study UFOs, underscores the many considerations behind her amendment, the high-profile support from both political parties for it, and some of its most significant elements. (The “CODEL” reference at article’s end refers to government-paid lawmaker fact-finding excursions out of the country.) Tobias and Emily Wayland add more context with U.S. Senator Sponsors Effort to Create ‘Anomaly Surveillance and Resolution Office’ within Department of Defense. Billy Cox, a long-time veteran knowledgeable of both political and ufological fields, offers A Blueprint for Accountability. Billy delves into the amendment, rather marveling at its excellence, but wary of the chances for hoped-for gains from its enactment. On the other hand, Jason Colavito is predictably unhappy that the Republicans Join Gillibrand UFO Amendment, Now Likely to Become Law. (WM)

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