Venkat Fitness Trainer Fake Part 2 | Dr Warlu Transformation | Krish Health and Fitness

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0:00 Intro
0:42 Points Start
1:34 Body Fat
3:18 My Gym Workout Example
5:19 More Clarity
6:06 Trainer Point
6:57 Proof
7:35 Last video crazy comments
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8:04 Comment 2

This video is to clarify certain positions and add a few points to my previous video. This video is completely logical and I tried to fight my position.
Mr.Chaitanya Krishna, a trainer with 200,000 subscribers and also known fitness trainer agrees with this hypothesis. ( Proofs provided in the video )

It’s high time we call such bullshit transformations and make Telugu fitness great again.. *Coughs in Trump*

Please watch until the end and understand that this is my speculation and I don’t have any concrete proof supporting my claims. People, you are the judge and jury. Please be aware of all scams in the fitness industry.

I will apologize if he proves me wrong and explains how a 57 year old with
no exercise history,
sedentary lifestyle history,
low on test levels,
low on cardio vascular levels given his age,
has done this without the use of steroids, fat burners or any other non-publicly available body modifying substances in six months !

Reddit link

Can this be done in 6 months? NATTY? Age 57, Trainer confirms this is possible and the client doesn’t have weightlifting knowledge or knowhow. from nattyorjuice

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  • ha ha ha …nice humor but i didn't expected this when i commented on suman tv ,
    1. TRT is not bad at certain conditions of Hormonal deficiency but India is little far in that topic and have dark feeling about TRT
    2. and the adds on Suman Tv are ridiculous – 6 months really !!! I am pretty sure its more than 2 years and with TRT.
    we can be old and fit – we can be old and natural – we cannot be old , six pack , natural got my point ?!
    But still I am not agents any one …i am only agents about wrong convey

  • Bro Evado ,Channel Name : Six-pack Strategies Anta Vadu Koncham Ekkuava Ga Vaguthunadu Ni Content Mida Vadu Video Chesadu Oka Sari Vadi Videos Anni Chudu Bro Vadu Correct Form Lo Exercises Cheyadam Ledu And Vadu Six Pack Maintain Cheyaledu Vadu Chala Ekkuava Ga Vaguthunadu Vadi Mida Oka Video Cheyu Bro Because Vadu Challenge Chesthunadu Bro Nake Chiraku Dobbindi Vadi Videos Chusi Koncham Vadi Guvva Musukonela Oka Video Cheyu Bro

  • Yes bro ur correct I started gym recently it's very hard and impossible to get 6pack in six months Lo Adhi 67age lo Ela kanipisthumm ra babu….. This is not idly preparing six pack…….

  • comment lo last comments chusa bro videos lo her ani pettadu
    who are you to joke's on her anta kamakshi gaari comment

  • Anna nuvu thop nuvu correct chepav anna u have to niladhisify him

  • inositol,choline,aminos endhuku vadatharo thelusu ko ra waste fellow.

  • People need quick results nd trainer needs attention quickly, so ala cheptharu bro cause mana population ki basic knowledge undadu nd thelusukoru, Yantha certified trainer cheppina or even research chesina scientists cheppina vini ala odileataru but aday a manthena Satyanarayana lanti vallo chepparu anuko vallu gaddi thinte muscles peruthai anna thinatru

  • Anna nuvvu super anna. Naku kuda same feeling 57 years lo 6 packs 6moths lo chala hard.

  • Anna sudheer babu gurinchi cheppu anna .ah anna la body ravalanthe em cheyali anna….pls anna…..

  • Do some useful vedios on perfect fittness program about body building not trolling on others and making vedios is bull shit bro

  • Arey babu enti Ra ne badha

  • Anna how to gain weight with gym workouts and foods

  • anna nuvu exercises videos petu…correct form tho chepu..plzzz..i want to start transformation

  • Rock/Dwayne Johnson workout
    gurinchi video cheyi Bro

  • Bro first nuv manchi body tachukoni andarigurnchi chepu Okey brother

  • Bro ee roju Mottam ne video's ye chusa you are giving us knowledge with some comedy you entered the field with a new concept okarakam ga YouTube meeda kopam ga vunnanu yendukuante ne channel inta late ga Naku chupinchinanduku ( bro meere correct ga fitness video's pettachu kada chusi follow avuta) me video's chusinappudu okkate anipinchindi you are the. Tourchbearer of telugu fitness ❤️❤️ lots of love inka chala cheplani vundi kani yem ani cheptam yentani cheptam comments lo

  • Pagal hai kya…. 6 months lo 6 pack anta that too 60 years person ki….. I am 27, ex-state basketball player, 5 days of gym sessions per week averaging 2 hours per day and been on schedule since last 4 years. Na body fat percentage ne 16 undi…..

  • Bro ur cheat day meal plss

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