Weight Loss Journey: From 80 kgs to 52 kgs | Fat to Fit | Fit Tak

Know how she lost 28 kgs in 6 months. Watch the full video and we bet you’ll get some fitness inspiration out of this!
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  • Mai roj dekti hu aur inspire hoti hu… Taaki ke aage rastekeliye bane rahu… Aise hi Maine 10 kgs loose ki hai …. Thank you

  • Gym sorne ke bad for wt gain hota Hain…..regular yoga is best I think…ramdev yoga

  • WOW….amazing …so good you right yourself on YOUR HEALTH for YOUR SELF n baby…n your family…well done..

  • Where there is a will there is a way.. Hats off to u. Keep your great motivation always and inspire others with it.. U look beautiful..

  • Now you really look your age.wimuthaka

  • Aesi diet aur excersise se to insan hi khtm ho jaye….

  • I LOST 19LBS IN JUST ONE MONTH. I just followed diet and training plan from website called Agoge Diet.

  • Weight loss for teenagers??

  • Complete wrong concept….. our 10000 years old ayurveda says Time between two meals must be 8 hours….. and dinner can’t be after sunset…. I’m taking lunch by 9.45 am and dinner by 6.30 pm and I lost weight from 90 kg to 76 kg….. simple thing is ate your homemade food which our grandma used to cooked years back. No need of fancy Western diet style. Being living in Houston I’m following our Ayurvedic methods….

  • amazing mam.u r a tue inspiration for us

  • "Intermittent fasting (coffee in the morning eating at noon)
    3 meals: Light Breakfast, Lunch and Light Dinner
    More veggies and cooking at home
    Eating when hungry stopping when I reach 70% Full
    Taking my supplement from Vanguard Formulas before my meals
    Drink plenty of water
    Weight Loss: 25LBs in Month and Half
    Loving it!

  • Is there a better feeling than eating a pizza without a guilt knowing that it wouldn't mess up your fitness plans? Agoge Diet thank you for everything!

  • #वजन घटाएं
    बिना कसरत, बिना डायटिंग
    100% गारंटी के साथ
    नवदीप सिंह (हेल्थ एंड फिटनेस कोच)
    World number one fitness company
    100%garrenty ke sath

  • Don't know why they don't say about their height along with their age???We as viewers also want to know their height.

  • I was 93 now I am 81 , have to loose alot of weight to 50 pls give me wishes

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