Weight Loss & Nutrition : Does Chromium Picolinate Assist Weight Loss?

Chromium picolinate can assist in weight loss by helping to control the body’s blood sugar and reducing the appetite. Find out how proper chromium levels can aid in a healthier lifestyle with information from a certified clinical nutritionist in this free video on healthy weight loss.

Expert: Dr. Vincent Bellonzi
Bio: Dr. Vincent Bellonzi is a certified clinical nutritionist at the Austin Wellness Clinic in Austin, Texas.
Filmmaker: Gary Huff



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  • I have a Garcinia Cambogia supplement (60% HCA) with Chromium-picolinate (60 microgramm; daily dosis) …. after a month of that I don't see ANY change in my APPETITE!

  • Thank you for getting to the point. I get sick of other channels giving me a 30 min diatribe.

  • Is it better when I take 200 micrograms each to my breakfast, lunch and dinner, or should I take all 600 micrograms in one dosage to my dinner? The strongest cravings I have in the night.

  • AFTER a month on Chromium Picolinate, my eyesight starts to blur making it difficult for me to read anything.

  • Is it better to take 200micrograms of chromium piccolinate in the morning, 200 in the afternoon and 200 in the evening or to take all 3 pills of 600 microgramms in the evening? some supplements its better to divide during the day, some you better take in one max dose, so I am not sure with this one.

  • This is so true in the women in my family the key to us feeling so much better we take one before we eat each meal. 6/7/2019

  • Best ever! Life changing supplement for me. Thx!

  • Chromium compounds are categorized as group 1 carcinogens, and they have been linked to many, many, many other diseases.

  • Oh dear, why does everyone want a quick magic pill! Its a dietary supplement!
    Its a aide in your diet.

  • The researchers added high concentrations of chromium picolinate, chromium chloride or chromium nicotinate to hamster cells in culture and found that only chromium picolinate could damage the genetic material of the hamster cells.

    Since then, other laboratory studies using cell cultures and animals have suggested chromium picolinate causes oxidative stress and DNA damage.

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  • Thanks for posting about this. Very informative!

  • Is chromium picolinate safe to take? Thank you for you response please.

  • So I can you burn calories with chromium picolinate without exercise then?

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