Weight Loss Tips – Full Day Of Eating

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Kara Corey is a Registered Dietitian and WNBF Bikini Pro. I provide science based information to help you live a fit and healthy life. I created the supplement Fitburn being the very best fat burner on the market today and Regulator which is the best probiotic out there. I have helped change thousands of peoples lives so they can lead a healthier happier life.



  • What is the spice you put on the shrimp? And what are your thought on the hair skin and nails vitamin?

  • 23:1323:28…that focus on mom though. Gotta love big Bruce!

  • In true upstate New York fashion…popcorn to finish out the night….miss doing this….off to the kitchen for some popcorn.

  • What are your thoughts on Vegan Keto. I heard you mention unhealthy keto due to bacon, cheese, and icecream but what about healthy high fat plant fats like avacado and hempseeds?

  • What are your thoughts on keto and muscle building?

  • Definitely going to look into that butcher box, I’ve heard good things about it!

  • @6:44 what’s going on with the stove? Lol the perspective it way off. Haha Bruce with the jiffy pop

  • I think Tati Westbrook's Halo Beauty kiwi skin vitamin really helped acne.
    AND y'all are just really cute. Love how Jason is so helpful in your content!

  • brilliant ten minute timer tip x

  • great hash brown veggies yummy x

  • Maybe you could edit the videos a bit more? They’ve gotten a bit long and there’s a lot of you too just idly chatting which I find I fast forward through. Otherwise, love your content. Most interested in food and nutrition and fitness info.

  • You should check out the @foodsciencebabe on Instagram for science-backed info. You seem to not understand about hormones and antibiotics in meats. Her page is a great resource for this type of info and something a dietitian should have an understanding of.

  • Just took my son to see the Spider-Man movie today! So good! And I can’t wait for IT to come out in theatres!

  • Why didn’t you just pick up a bit bar at the store? Problem solved

  • I use to always rent that Scary Story book from the library as a kid, cant wait to see the movie! Do you remember “ Who’s afraid of the dark on Nickalodeon? Im a 84 baby

  • Awesome YouTube video loved that you showed what healthy foods you eat content is excellent

  • Would these tips be good for men also?

  • Kara thanks for another awesome video!! I wanted to let you know that your balsamic vinegar looked like it’s from a company called Veronica Foods, if you are wanting to add it in myfitnesspal more accurately. It isn’t a chain but they have hundreds of sister stores across the country that are independently owned. I work at one of them in Virginia and it is incredible! Thanks again for all the great content! You’re awesome!

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