Follow this 2 weeks full body transformation

Follow this 1 week diet plan for weight loss

Please watch: “Home Workout Walking Challenge | 7 Day Challenge | Somya Luhadia”
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Hello everyone Sorry for not uploading last week because as i was out for vacations but promise to be consistent from Now!
Todays video is about dieting tips & tricks that you all wanted me to do so i hope to address some of your queries related to Diet PLANS & Weight Loss .
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Somya 🙂
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  • Hy Saumya di ur such an inspiration for me tq tq so much for motivating many people plz do a video on taking how much percent of carb protein fat fibre will help us in weight looss

  • Hi sowmya.. just started watching ur videos n honestly loved them.. love ur simple n easy tips.. also ur exercise im following.. I have one major problem.. I can easily eat less during day but in the night for dinner i cannot eat less Im never full i get hungry and then i cannot sleep.. if u can help me on this pls do reply il wait for it eagerly…

  • Hey plz make a video on premature grey hair plzz

  • Thank you so much for your videos it helps me lot to motivate myself and believe in myself that I can lose my fat.. Now I'm in my vacation and at home but I'm afraid that after going to hostel I may not be continue my weight loss journey as the food of hostel has no taste and also no health.. What can I do in hostel?

  • Make video on dry fasting plzz

  • Plz.. dii btao n leg calves ka fat kaise loss kre..
    Plz.. reply diii

  • Hi som u look so pretty n gud diet plan share ur skincare products

  • Hey i have lost 6 kgs in 1 and a half month. I do not really do exercises just walk a lot and eat mindfully like eating less and everything. I don't restrict myself from having anything as we cannot stop ourselves from having just veges for the rest of our lives so j eat everything but in limit. I walk around 2-3 hours a day at normal speed and i lost considerable amount of weight. Just to let everyone know . This might be helpful to some. As it is not necessary to follow a diet routine or exercise for hours. Its easy guyz. Jump into it with small changes. All d best

  • Jo apne diet pln btaya h apni phle ki videos me wo pcos fighters k liye si h? ???

  • How can we count calories ??

  • Nice tips…which App are you using to count calories dear?…

  • Didi …plzzz….the background music is very irritating…..

  • U awesome , just love ur videos , thanks a lot

  • Hiii am Reshma am following u from last 1 mnth . .can I use multi vitamin capsules in diet??

  • Mam before ur diet did you fell that your bodyfat affected your self confidence in public

  • I am 82 kg some one say start dait and some say start exercise i try both but it's not working please help me what to do ?

  • Hello mam ur video is useful to us but am doing exercises but my lower part is heavy. my height is 158cm and my weight s exact 60.9kg. I want to become 45-48kg can u just tell that correct way to reduce lower part and my weight. Please mam even am a engineering student of 3rd year from bangalore

  • backround music is more powerful.then u r voice plz correct that

  • Background music irritating very much cant understand what u r saying

  • Plz make video on … Thighs fat and butt plzz sis

  • Please do what I eat in a day for one week

  • iam new to ur videos and found really motivated…. thank u sis

  • Whatever u said is absolute ly correct and practical

  • As am south Indian view use more ragi n rice n little wheat n whether it can help to reduce fr diet

  • Plz say about ur skin maintenance

  • please Hindi mein video Banaye

  • Where u complete your zumba course?

  • Some of your videoes are really helpful to me to reduce my weight. I have reduced 5kg weight by following your suggestions and tips.

  • Plz give me a whole day routine with diet chart and workout

  • Mam zumba yaa cardio important h kyaa …i m doing only exercise n running n follow ur diet plan…so is it important cardio n yogaa or not …abhi mera wait 60 kg h or meko 42 krnaa h Jan tk….m daily 2-3 km running n 40 minutes exercise + morning lemon water dan green tea n all….ho jaayegaa mam yaa nhii…..or Abhi 4 days hue h meko start kiye hue..mam effect kbse honaa shuru hotaa h

  • Ur home is very well maintained ,lucky

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